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Website Shopping Tips

Why is it important for your website to function on mobile devices and tablets?  Over 80% of consumers interact with your website from mobile devices and 56% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary Internet source; 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week. so you want a website built that is responsive (site will automatically adjust to the size of the screen). A lot of people don’t take the time to think about what their website is going to look like on mobile device and it’s really simple. Just look at a prospective designer's portfolio on your mobile phone.  If your current website is not responsive, we can pull in your website’s content and images as the foundation for  responsive site.

Be Careful What You Pay

Don't be cheap!

Many people think about a new website and they have a limited amount of money. They think, if I get an inexpensive website, I'll be the winner. To accomplish this, they get a Wix, Go Daddy, or equivalent website. They think because they saved money they're coming out ahead. Short term, maybe, long term, not so much. Sometimes when you go the cheap route, you’re really losing a lot in terms of potential net profit. There is a lot more to a quality website than whan you see. Another consideration when going the cheaper route is the value of your time. You’re either saving time or you’re saving money. Money buys you time and you have to ask yourself, what's the value of my time?

Don't overpay!

When you work with high-end local web designers, you’re not paying for something different, just paying more. Some people think it best to work with a large agency for their website needs, thinking they will receive a better job. So you go to their nice office, in a nice part of town. If you’re wondering, “Wow, I wonder how they can afford to have all this nice office space”? Isn't it rather obvious?

When choosing a website designer, focus on the results. Ultimately, do you like their work? Do you like the quality of their portfolio? Trust your own judgment.