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Are You ADA Compliant?

Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA

In 1986, the National Council on Disability recommended the ADA and later drafted a bill which was introduced to Congress in 1988. It was signed into law on 7/26/90, by President George H. W. Bush. It was later amended in 2008 with changes effective 1/1/09.  The ADA is often associated with physical locations and accommodations  for those with disabilities, but the ADA also extends to the digital realm, to ensure web content is accessible to all users.

Waiting could be costly!

Mandatory on the way?

Preventing anyone from conducting tasks online is risky. Since there is little in the way of federal website accessibility law, some states are moving forward with their own decisions.  One of the early cases to go to trial occurred in Florida. It resulted in Winn-Dixie (Gil v. Winn-Dixie) being required to pay $250,000 to bring its website up to WCAG standards.  Research shows there are some new laws on the horizon that could make ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliance mandatory, which means web designers and digital marketers need to know how to prepare.

Know the facts!

Studies show that 20% of persons have a disability that may require assistive technologies.  Also, website accessibility lawsuits have increased more than 400% since 2013.  Settlements and legal fees can easily reach above six figures. If your website is ADA compliant, you expand your audience and attract new visitors. 

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is a strict liability law which means there are no excuses/defenses for violations

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